("Love is the root to peace, begin with loving yourself and then to the people around you, then to the world, and to the Universe where we belong..then you will realize that it comes back to you again magically.." by TEre)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

When You Truly Love Someone...

When you truly love someone,
Then you should not live in his life,
Not interfering each other,
Also not to cause confusion because of infatuation.

When you truly love someone,
You ought to set him free,
His fulfillment of life is your bliss,
You will unfetter him,
Let him go to his ideal dream with no worries,
With affection to comprehend his mission.

When you truly love someone,
Somehow you do not need to own him,
Or always be with him.

When you truly love someone,
You learn to let go,
With your great love.

And I believe I can only have you in heart now no matter how much I want you. I’m struggling so much trying to master this true meaning of love. I know I can, because I really love you.

Friday, April 27, 2012


To be thankful everyday..

I wake up each morning,
realizing the wonder of sunrise,
that I am breathing the air so freely,
and you came in my mind..

To be thankful every day..

I am in perfect condition,
having the blessing from all,
that happiness is simply being here,
and you are still the one I miss..

To be thankful..

I am committed to my parents,
yet doing freely what I am doing,
that being kind is being myself,
and fall asleep each night sending my love.

thank you thank you thank you.


by tere
27 Apr 201

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Silence, Peace, Balance, Perfection...

The End is the Begining,
The death is the re-birth,
That is the rules of the universe,
becasue the universe is the 'balance",
and we are living in it.
Sometimes we try so hard to find the balance,
but it's already with us,
when we put ourselves to complete a "silence",
that moment you would find the "peace" deep within,
Perhaps there is no perfection,
We don't see it as we are already living in it,
in the universe that is present,
in the rules that is the perfection.

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1 Dec 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wish you were here,
That I can ask you if you care,
Wish I were there,
As hug means more than what we say.

The moment is tough,
Many are questions I can’t ask,
The suffering is to wait,
As my fear causes my heart breaks.

I stay strong containing the worry,
Can only afford to say sorry,
If you think I am angel,
I would rather be who I am so normal.

Wish you were here,
That I could cuddle you in tears,
Wish I were there,
So confusion would not create fear.

The moment is tough,
I know many questions shouldn’t be asked,
The torture is to wait,
But I will be patient it’s not too late.

I stay strong holding on my believe,
Ignoring doubts fighting for relief.
If you think I am an angel,
Then why singing can’t make me happier?

Everything will fall into pieces,
If you allow me to send the kisses.
“I care, I care” I would say,
Hoping that your feeling for me will stay.

I just wish you are still who you were.. care for me.. wait for me.. be there for me.. it’s a day closer to be there, but seems a lesser hope for love to happen.. I could only wish and pray.. that everything will be okay..

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Only if you let me..

I wish for a pair of wings,
Flying there to you,
Holding you in arms,
Till the darkness comes.
Only if you let me..

I wish for a sacred portion,
Cast a spell to our situation,
Make things turn real,
Till we really see what we feel.
Only if you let me..

I wish for a magic mirror,
Reflecting everything as dream,
Showing our path with light,
Till the morning sun shines up bright.
Only if you let me..

I wish that I could give you my heart,
Beating the music of sincerity,
Emerge the care I wish to share,
Till love creates us a wonderful affair.
Only if you let me..

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I could only wish...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Missed, Miss, Missing..

I am residing in a call,
The call of uncertainty,
Missing you has been a routine,
Wondering the possibilities.

I am caught in a trouble,
The trouble of anxiety,
Longing you and I start to sing,
Venturing all the worries.

What can I do?
When I miss everything about you.
When I’m detained in the dream.
Of everyday becomes surreal.

What can I do?
When I miss everything about you.
When I’m lonely there at the corner.
Of excitement in the silence.

I can only send words,
When I’m here so helpless,
When I’m here so clueless,
When I’m here missing way too much..

(The missing gets so intensed.. I could only use words to lighten and ease.. To the someone I am missing way too much now.. I just hope that you are there.. there for me..)

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at 52:18:09:16

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Given Love..

I had given you my love,
I won’t take it back.
As my love reaches you,
It stays and never runaway.

I had given you my love,
I don’t want it back.
As my love stays with you,
It can only grow this great.

I had given you my love,
I can’t bring it back.
As my love is given,
It would always be a present.

It hurts sometimes,
When I am missing you,
But I am willing to subside the pain,
Until the emerging of peace in my brain.

If confusion strikes,
I would tear and I would try to runaway,
But once I had given you my love,
I always wish for your happiness.

When jealousy is near,
I struggle and I wish that you are clear,
But once I had given you my love,
I would cry but I let you go with the flowing tears.

Once I had given you my love,
It’s ok that I am hurt,
Because I love,
Because I love,
Because I had given you my love…

(As I had given my love.. I won't take it back and I won't hate because I want it to be there with you like always. I wish for your happiness, and I told you that you will always in my mind, in my prayers.. I felt sad sometimes without getting my love in return but I will find the peace and balance.. because once I had given you my love, it's yours... )

Written by,
21 June 2011
(3 months after I met you...)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

just too late I guess...

Never thought there is sweet time,
It was fun, I was mesmerized,
Since when did time start drawing that line?
If I don’t love,
Why did the sweet time turn alkaline?

You said I should stop looking,
Loving you the way you are,
I guess I am not the one anymore,
If I don’t love,
Why is the jealousy so sour and sore?

Stop my sadness I don’t want to cry,
But I am helpless it’s never a lie,
I know I am naïve this I don’t deny,
If I don’t love,
Why are there tears in my eyes?

You said I am sweet,
Praising me the way I always need,
I ‘d rather be common than being sweet,
If I don’t love,
Why does your the word “sweet” hurt?

I don’t blame you.. I am just too late.. Don’t say sorry, don’t mention the word sweet.. It hurts with bitterness, sourness in my heart somehow..

Written by,
in a grey sky morning..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer 3.21...

Here you are two seasons changing,
lalala now it's summer then comes spring,
Far away I hear river flowing,
Birdies' singing while they are flying.

Here you are two people kissing,
lalala they are players yes they sting,
flower lures the bees with colourful blooming,
here they go, start the love making.

Summer arrives weather is bubbling,
couples hold hands and they start dancing,
clouds are jealous so they keep changing,
trees are moving I hear them mumbling.

Summer arrives there is a song to sing,
can't stop and the rhythm keeps coming,
it's not a dream it's not a dream,
I sense romance quietly approaching.

Enjoying kisses I am the richest,
filled with some sort of strange sweetness,
here you are appeared to be the cutest,
I will wait patiently for my happiness.

(3.21 summer time.. two people met.. it's considered a date.. mysterious future.. unpredictable dream.. here comes summer after the spring..)

written by,
for 3.21 summer 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Awaiting the moment,
I will be patient,
In anticipation of the statement,
When I finally meet the expectation.

Would it be worthy?
Being sad being lonely,
In the room full of melancholy,
Rehearsing the film of agony.

Awaiting the moment,
I promise to be strong,
With you in heart nothing goes wrong,
But it does hurt every single second.

Would it be worthy?
Teasing joy with misery,
With true heart I was never this worry,
But your silence is totally killing me.

I just wish I could love you I am sorry,
With my simplest heart it is purely,
Asking just a response yes it's a plea,
Begging you to simply stop ignoring me.

(To the someone I am so scared to lose. Your ignorance is so cruel to my heart. My heart you once said you had taken and combined it with yours, as one. Your sudden silence and ignorance is torturing me. I seek nothing else but a reply. To answer my simplest question “why?”. You can kill me, but first you have to tell me the reason why I should be sentenced to death…Say you hate me now, and i will go.. but don't keep silence, it is torturing me..)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I felt a sweet blush,
The moment you looked at me.
I felt a sweet blush,
The moment you held my hand.
I felt a sweet blush,
The moment you said you miss me.
I felt a sweet blush,
The moment you kissed my lips.

Since the day we met,
I have never forgotten your face,
Since the day we held our hands,
I have never forgotten your warm touch,
Since the day we said goodbye,
I have never kept you away from my mind.
And the day when we kissed,
I still feel like a bliss..

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Must you...??

Must you come and go,
Must you come and bring me hope,
Must you go and tear a piece of my fragile soul,
Must you lie that you would miss me even if you don’t?

What if I lost my strength,
To protect myself I don’t want revenge?
What if I lost my mind,
Seek no forgiveness and start to cry?

Must you come and go,
Must you come and bring me hope,
Must you go and tear a piece of my fragile soul,
Must you lie that you would miss me even if you are not?

I kept giving my best,
But it seems I am failing the test,
Seeing the lies in your eyes,
Don’t want an angel in disguise.

Must you come,
Must you go…
Must you tear a piece of my soul..

(to the someone I once believed, I am confused.. Each time you left, you tear a piece of me away..)

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Friday, October 09, 2009

For My Little Panda

(Before I met you)

I lived in my loneliness for decades,
And I never met my fate,
In dream I did not find it fascinate,
When love seems to be so faked,
I always woke up feeling sad,
But at night solitude makes me awaked.

I prayed so hard,
And I believe in love..

(Then I met you..)

Thirty-day has gone,
Since then I feel reborn,
I know that time flies,
But time leaves our memories behind.
Now life is not the same,
Simply because you show up as a friend.

Yesterdays are gone,
But my memories is never this strong,
I know what I had done is not wrong,
And you’ll lead me to be so fond.
Life was different since then,
Simply because I’d found you, not just a friend.

To our love,
To our first 30th day,
To the future months,
To the future years,
I kiss you while I am in my tears.
Believe that we will finally be so near.

For our love,
For our First 30th day,
For the future months,
For the future years,
I cherish you my dear,
Wonders that never seems so clear..

…You are my baby Panda.. I love you!!

Written by,
30days after 090909